How do I Apply for Malaysian Firearms License?

The Arms Act of 1960 outlines gun control and firearm regulation in Malaysia. The steps for obtaining a firearms license in Malaysia are quite different than in the United States. In fact, civilians are allowed to have only handguns in Malaysia, and must go through an extensive licensing process before acquiring a firearm. The Arms Licensing Regulations of 1961 detail the licensing regulations and the steps that applicants must take before obtaining a Malaysian Firearms License. Have a question? Get an answer from a lawyer now!


    • Obtain an application from the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). Applicants must be over the age of 18, and in addition to identification information, must supply a genuine reason for wanting to own a gun. The applicant must also provide detailed information on the gun they wish to own. Upon approval, the licensee can only obtain the gun that was indicated on the application.

    • Pass the background check. The background check looks at criminal history and makes note of mental health. The Royal Malaysian Police will deny an applicant a firearm license if the applicant is accused of domestic violence or if the Royal Malaysian Police has any evidence or reason to suspect such violence in the future.
    • Supply two current, identical photographs. The RMP requires all applicants to bring two identical photos of themselves for the license similar to photos required for a passport.

    • Get fingerprinted. All applicants must undergo fingerprinting as part of the application process.
    • Pay a deposit. The licensing officer may require a deposit of 50 ringgit before issuing a license. The deposit acts as a consequence if terms of the license are violated. If the license expires without any violations by the licensee, the deposit is refunded.

    • Join the RELA. An unconventional way to acquire a firearms license is to join the RELA, which stands for Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia and refers to the People’s Volunteer Corps. After completing the program, which is run through the Royal Malaysia Police, participants gain eligibility for a firearms license.

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